1. three points!

    #habs blew a 2-goal lead to the #pens and then lamed the shootout as usual. But then trampled some natty leaf in a pretty dull game I enjoyed somewhat for the result I guess. The problem was, after the mighty #Bourke goal I was pleased, within a minute later, I was displeased, and nothing the #habs could do could really get me to trust them again for the rest of the game.  I watched with a scowl.  We didn’t play so great anyway,  think #toronto lost more than we won.

    Today the #habs have the day off.  I don’t think the #habs should be having any days off. They are not in shape.  They need to gel, especially with the coach, they need practice, loads of practice on:



    3. getting the puck out of the zone

    4. not letting opposing players set up behind #habs net

    5. playing 60 minutes to win.

    so what are they doing lazing around? they can do that all summer, or earlier if they don’t get their asses in gear.

    pits and peaches for 3 points:

    5 peaches: Michael Blunden (just kidding)

    4 peaches: Gomez (I would give him 5 but he was so slack all before he was injured his name is still tainted)  Emelin (is there a steadier guy out there?), (well maybe) Gorges, Diaz (‘cos he scored the goal), Price

    3 peaches: Cole, Max, DD, eller (stop trying to be a scorer all the time, be generous!),  Budaj, Moen (for getting smashed by Dou$harek, and coming back in the same period), Bourke

    2 peaches: plekanec, blunden, kostitsyn, Gill, Subban, Darche

    1 peach:  Crampoli

    2 pits: Krapperly

  2. two points!

    #habs beat the top team in the conference without playing all that well. I would say they dominated for about 20 minutes of the game, but they also sat back for almost as much. #Mitchell goal you could see coming, lack of concentration, lack of drive, #Eller looked bad on that play, got some #thoughlove from #cunnyworth. Max-DD-Cole line of course were the biggest threat, but other teams will soon be on to them, #habs cannot coast on their success.

    Felt good to watch the recap video on NHL after a while.

    Peaches and pits:

    Max-DD-Cole line, Gorges, Gill, Budaj 5 peaches

    Subban, Emelin, Plekanec, 4 peaches

    Blunden, Cunnyworth 3 peaches

    Gomez, Bourque 2 peaches

    Kaberle 1 peach

    Moen, Darche silver peach for bravery

    Eller, Kostitsyn 0 peaches

    Weber 1 pit

  3. one point!

    I have some suggestions for randy #cunnyworth:

    1. #Carey #Price needs shootout practice

    2. the whole team needs shootout practice

    3. the team needs a lot of PP practice

    (suggestion for) #Lars #Eller needs to go back to being a team player, stop shooting so much you’re putting yourself under too much pressure, its not working.  I though you said yourself you’re not going to have too many 4-goal games.  Keep your eyes on the prize kid, and, hint, the prize is to be found in the playoffs.  

    Don’t know what funny Cunny is seeing but I was as distressed to see Krapperly on the shootout as I was that he was traded to us….The team looked on the whole more alive during the game, except, most brutally ironically after Plekanec’s heroic shorty, at which time they distinctly sat back and let the sens come at them. Was it too late in the game to go for another rush?  #habs are not fit enough to play for 3 periods? Strippers in the locker room during the second intermission? Chris #Anderson played lights out for the first two periods, but come on!  We had just scored!  we had the game where we wanted it.  But it was too early to go home, unfortunately, they still had to work for another 19 minutes, and, unfortunately they didn’t.

    Prayers: please Krapperly in the press box, Weber back to Hamilton (forever) St. denis called up and Emelin on the ice!


  4. Cammalleri sucks!

    Just when I finally learned to spell his name right, traded, gone, back to Calgary… lotsa luck out there Mr. ponderous pithy pouts.  So who’s left, who’s going one on one with the dark side of the farce Pierre ‘the Ghost’ Ghost-yay! Who’s going to score those sniper goals that only snipers can score usually on one knee.  Maybe PK.  Maybe’s Cammalleri’s frowning frustration field was deflecting PKs point shots, maybe they’ll go straight again from now on, straight into the net!  Wow am I getting excited for the Sens game.  I haven’t been this excited since Emelin started to get played regularly. And we are probably going to beat the sens because they will play Chris Anderson again, and if not, Alex Auld.

    But it doesn’t look good for a Stanley Cup run right now, it really doesn’t.  Rene Bourque is probably going to play 2 or 3 good games, like they all do when the arrive and then remember he doesn’t really have to. Is #Cunnyworth a good coach or not?  Now that the black hole of hate has pooped back to Calgary, I guess we’ll kno fo sho..

  5. Fl#habs floundering after flackfluster floss

    I thought #cunnyworth was all about fight and determination, at least that’s what I was inferring from his steely countenance and the suddenly confidenter play against Schmattawa and the Bloats… what is to explain that very Martinian lack of interest we all witnessed on Saturday night against #Halak?  I missed it, did Halak get a bigger ovation than the #habs? Now Cammalleri’s gone public calling out the losers.  Who’s the losers? I want to know.  Why doesn’t canadiens.com have Cammy’s winningness ratings updated every day. Well en attendant cela, I’ll give you mine: ratings are in peaches and pits.

    Krapperly 5 pits who else could possibly earn 5 pits? He made the first major giveaway lamebrain clearing pass right up the middle, proving to the Blues there was one guy on the team who doesn’t care.

    Crampoli: 4 pits  who hired that guy? Get St. Denis back.

    Subban: 2 pits is he in love, get someone preggers? the guy is not right this year, he’s got to wash that Martinian bunk right out of his ear, go on a bender or something.

    Hal Gill: 2 pits man you look old!  I love Gill but…man charge them extra long batteries…

    while we’re on the defense

    Gorges: 5 peaches even playing harder after the contract

    Emelin: 4 peaches one or two small errors, but always recovers, never gives up r shies away, very disciplined and strong!

    forwards: bleh you didn’t score a goal… what do you think… as Cammy said yer a bunch of losers except Plekanec, can’t call him that,  cole, max (get it together man! or men, you were both losers!) DD Moen Eller, you disappointed me, wheres your trade justice?  Blunden? Darche? who expects them 4th liners to carry the team? (miss you Glen Metropolit, Dom Moore…)

    Things look mighty…as they say in German… duster… somber…unauspicious… When’s peter Budaj going to play again?

  6. lessons from last night

    Club de Hockey Canadien owes a refund for the games coached under #Martin. The austerity diet of no joy #habs hockey is over under #cunnyworth. I can stand watching them lose if they play like they are playing. Each shift is working, the players are expressing themselves, trusting themselves, they are able to engage the crowd, this is hockey… what I have had to watch for the last two years was like the same yutube video over and over of a hedgehog trying to kill a snake. #habs management owes me a refund, or at least a one week vacation…man were those third periods aggravatingly, exasperatingly, boringly, bafflingly coached.

    I don’t hate Martin, I am sure he is a good guy… but he was the wrong coach for this group of guys… maybe he should coach the canada armed forces team…. which brings me to the most painful question of all, which I will just touch on, which is my prerogative since I am a born a bred Montrealer, but… you know what’s coming… why did #gainey, after blowing up the team in 2009, choose the utterly incompatible JacQues Martinsomnia to coach them?  Was he the best candidate available? I agree with JT over at the H, Guy Lafleur got it right this time, I think for most true habs fans, they just want a winning exciting team to watch. I hope the people waving Quebec flags at the game last night went home proud of the way the(ir?) team played regardless of how much Mathieu Darche was on the ice.

  7. 23:14 3rd Jan 2012

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    Reimer, of 46 NHL goalies active this year 36th in save% 37th in GAA  Toronto fans have no shame (not that we had much shame voting in Komisarek in 2009 :p) #nhlallstargamefail #reimerlol


    Everybody keep voting here.

  8. Cunny’s worth a win

    as reported an soberly analyzed by Olivier Habs won a game due to Craig Anderson’s turkey, perhaps it’s the Plek and Cammi syndrome  first reported here.  I’ll take the win and 6 goals of NHL video recap fo’ sho.  Its been a while since I watched a video recap. Well it’s been a while since we’ve won. These tips came in handy during the interim.  Next it’s  Bulldogs coaching staff 2009-2010 with Vinny the Cavalry, Martin St. Desharnais and Steven Gretzky vs. Bulldogs coaching staff 2010-11 with… Eric Cole? I’d say this Florida trip will be pretty telling.

    Good points from last game:  Emelin!!! Hope Cunny sees what I see in him and  keeps Crapoli in the Pretzel Box. We didn’t stop playing in the third.  Lines seem to be gelling more. I like Cammi with Louis the White.  ’Dreaming Eyes’ Crapperly only played 16mins, dat’s smart Cunny! cut that down to 9 and you are Clod Julien kind of smart!

    Terrible unhabslike points: Kaberle is Crapperly…we got him for our power play?  BTW scoring 5 on 3 should only count statistically as half a power play goal, and it should be  negative a half if we don’t score.  PP still looks plenty lame.  Cammi is soft!! Olivier saye AK46 played very badly, so I’ll put him here too, but I saw him hustle a bit here and there and if there was a third assist he would have got one on the Plek goal. Agonizing difficulty getting out of our zone at times. We still suck bagpipes.

  9. image: Download

    experience and know-how behind the bench! (artist’s impression, real #habs bench may differ)

    experience and know-how behind the bench! (artist’s impression, real #habs bench may differ)

  10. I don’t know why people think it is such a crazy idea.  Fans popping gaskets on Hi/O about the Markov contract should think about how to make the most of him.  Have him coach the PP.  While he is collecting pay, why not make the most of his expertise?  Same thing for Captain Gionta, he could do a lot to help ease into/through the Cunnyworst era.  Habs have to get creative now.  Its bad enough they are losing, but they are losing without even trying.  They have great leaders in Gionta and Markov who aren’t going anywhere, who are on contract, who should be involved now. It can’t get much worse, and it can get a lot more interesting and involving.